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So how did Bernie's come about? Good question...

In 2011, the owner purchased a small restaurant and bar in Oreland. We closed the old restaurant for two months and re-opened it as Bernie's Pub. It was a hit from day one. We loved our Oreland family and for nearly four years they loved us right back. But Bernie's Pub, while nice, was small. The kitchen was tiny and seating was limited.

So one day, the owner saw a vacant site on the corner of Highland Avenue and Wharton Road in Glenside. To be totally honest, he passed it twice a day for 3 years before he had the bright idea that the site could be the new home for Bernie's. The site had a lot to offer...located in Glenside, the hometown of the owner; close to Jenkintown and the Old York Road corridor and a few blocks away from the Keswick Theater. So, it had it all! A phone call to the land owner later that day and year of planning, refining and building later, you have what you see now...Bernie's Restaurant and Bar in Glenside...a roughly 170-seat restaurant (including the patio seating). Glenside has now been open for over a year and has become a neighborhood staple. 

Due to the huge success of our Glenside location, we were on the hunt to expand. We were approached about the former site of Cafe La Fontana and 58 York. We saw the great potential that the space had and couldn't resist! With almost double the space as our Glenside location, we had our work cut out for us and quickly got moving. On March 15th, 2017 the Hatboro location opened it's doors to the public after two and a half months of renovations.  

Most of you come to Bernie's for the great food and the extensive offering of craft beers and wines. But if you look closely, we built into the new restaurant some pretty cool stuff (all for the comfort of our guests). For instance, all of the artwork is original pieces; we made sure that all of the seating was super comfortable; and we took the mezzanine to the next level with a custom pool table and lounge seating. And even though you can't see it, we built a state of the art prep kitchen in our basement.

But with all of that said, it comes back to the food and we've had 4 years at the old place and now 15 months at the new place to hone the menu. First, all of it is fresh. Nothing frozen. Second, we've brought all of our favorites to the new place...the Honey BBQ Wings, Poutine, Ahi Tuna, Parmesan Punched Potatoes and of course- our burgers. Rounding out these favorites are the great entrees from Chef Raul, home-made desserts and fresh ice cream from Tanner's Dairy in Bucks County. 

We hope you enjoy!